Corporate Identity

Why Do I need Corporate Identity?

What is company identity?

Corporate identification is the items, factors, ideas, techniques and methods a organization uses to distinguish itself from the other. When a product is associated with a colour, a mixture of shades, forms, images, words, music, etc.
A organization identification is becoming necessary and important part. It’s well known that an organization or company that has a regular company identification is taken much more seriously and are much more effective than those that don’t use own style recommendations.

Why should you order corporate identity design from us?

Because we can help you create a highly effective identifiable company identification that gives originality to your organization. Professional identification can give you a tremendous advantage over your opponents. Look at your table right now. You will instantly notice catalogues or files which are well designed.

We offer different corporate identity packages which can include creative logos, business cards, banners and flyers, etc but we can also provide any other items, such as catalogues, paper prints, CD brands, brochures, booklets, etc., even commercial and style works or complete Brand Book.
We offer different Corporate Identity Design packages always begins with the style of the organization’s logotype: the most associate factor of an organization. Its shape, shades, print styles, font, look and feel will be transferred to the other pieces

That is, the other design pieces that make up your company’s corporate identity will be developed to match this logo. Once the logo designing process finishes, we provide a company logo manual: a small guide with the general style guideline that we recommend for your brand. Then we continue to create the easiest pieces: business cards, envelops, etc.
This way we make sure you are pleased with the company logo before we use it to create the rest of the corporate identity package.
When these items are completed, we follow the more complicated ones: catalogues, brochures, booklets, etc.

A good company identification makes many things:

  • Corporate Identity makes consistency
  • Corporate Identity reveals that your company is serious about being successful
  • Corporate Identity will recognize a new or re-established business
  • Corporate Identity makes a sense of believe in a company
  • Corporate Identity can refresh a current business
  • Corporate Identity makes it much easier to sell products and services
  • Corporate Identity impacts buying decisions
  • Corporate Identity informs its customers that “we are here to stay”
  • Corporate Identity show a sign of longevity
  • Corporate Identity will unite an organization with many individual divisions
  • Corporate Identity will signify your organization’s values, purposes and objectives
  • Corporate Identity draws attention of potential investors
A Corporate Identity is not simply the development of a company product name and some marketing communications material. It is an identification of a Brand.
Our team of professionals with wide experience in graphics and marketing has great potential to do this job right.