Facebook Business Page

Why you need facebook business page?
or more accurately put, why you need a facebook page for your business?
well, facebook is the market leader, first social network to surpass 1 billion registered accounts as of march 2015, it ranks second in terms of visitor traffic, after google.
1 billion registered accounts, which means 1 million people at one marketplace, to whom you can promote and create awareness about your product, service or brand or your business as a whole.
So having a business page on facebook, as your hub to promote your business is a compelling thought.
Facebook business page is also known as facebook fan page. Once you setup your business page on facebook, you can connect with facebook users by inviting to ‘LIKE’ your business page, share your business page updates to facebook users, literate them on your yet to release product, or inform them to subscribe to your newsletter about your business or provide them with your commercial Ads link on youtube is you have any, ask them take a survey or provide input on how to improve your product or service.
Keeping your conversation two-way constantly between your business page and the facebook users goes a long way in building the brand impression in turn your business goals.
Facebook is constantly evolving making changes and updating its business page to suit the changing online marketing scenario. But no worries, here you have the latest updated version of setting up facebook business page.
Sign into your facebook account.
Click the arrow button on the top right.
Click Create Page from the drop down.
Next on the page, you can select a page that represents your facebook page.
1. Page for local business or place. example: A showroom or a Pastery cafe.
2. Page for company, business or organisation. example: A spice trader, garment manufacturer or IT service provider.
3. Page for a brand or product. example: samsung, nokia, nike, coca cola.
4. An Artist page or music band or a public figure. example: Actors, Musicians or Philanthropist or Politician.
5. Page for entertainment. example: Media House, Film industry or Broadcasting.
6. A Page for a cause or community. example: Peta, CRY.
Click the relavant page you wish to create.
Next Choose the category
Type a good name to your page.
Click get started.
Next provide a description to your page.
Provide your website url if you have one.
Hit Save info.
Next upload a picture from your computer or your website if any, as your profile image for your facebook business page.
Click Next.
Add your page to favourites , you can to easily access it anytime and click next button.
On the next page, enter the countries, states, cities or ZIP codes where the people you most want to connect with are located. By default it is include, leave the feild blank, the page can be viewed by everyone around the world.
Choose the age group and next browse and choose the relevant intrest that you wish to connect or be associated with.
Hit Save, then upload a nice timeline picture to your facebook fan or business page.
You are done, create content and share it on facebook to your friends and facebook users.
Please do feel free to share your thoughts on the video above, if you feel the video or this page was helpfull , do share with your friends on facebook, twitter and pinterest.
Thank you, Enjoy.