How To Setup Facebook Landing page

You and your business can maximise the potential of the facebook platform with a Facebook Landing Page.
A dedicted landing page on your facebook fan page is very vital these days to reflect what your business ideals and goals in your facebook landing page content.
Facebook landing pages are incredibly valuable to generate facebook fans and increasing your brand profile and presence on facebook.
Facebook landing page these days, are available only through third party providers ( plugin ), most of them are free with their basic features.
Static HTML iframe tabs app is one such app for creating your facebook landing page. It is free to use and easy to install.
You can create your landing page and make it as creative as possible.
You can add text content, video content, audio content or a shopping cart, in ‘Static HTML iframe tabs app’ you have the option of adding your HTML code, your CSS styling code and your Javascript on your landing page.
In this video you can see how to add and setup your facebook landing page with Static html iframe tabs app.
Hope you liked the video. Thank you.