Want to Improve Sales?

Want to Improve Sales? Listen to Your Team!

Want to Improve Sales? Listen to Your Team!
No sales manager wants to hear that his or her team is losing sales!
For some companies, customers jump ship — or don’t give them a chance at all — because of a negative experience with anindividual sales representative.
For many organizations, lost revenue doesn’t just occur because of bad sales calls. Often, small inefficiencies in the sales process add up to a lot of wasted time and, by extension, wasted opportunities.
They say that sales teams spend 30 to 50 percent of their time not selling. We’re calling, chasing and waiting, trying to get the customer to agree to an appointment. When you change this behavior and drive it down, sales go way up.
How can sales managers solve these issues that stand in the way of growth? Gathering customer feedback may seem like the obvious answer, but before you do, try seeking internal feedback from your team about where they’re struggling.
What Should Sales Manager Do With Their Team?
  • Inquire about the obstacles that are keeping them from being successful
  • Understand both the positive and negative patterns so they can provide critical feedback to marketing on content effectiveness and help salespeople orchestrate better conversations
  • Ask employees what tactics are helping them to succeed
  • Ask them for the single best thing they’re doing relating to sales
  • Ask yourself as a sales manager: What do you need to stop doing as an organization to free up more time for the tactics that actually work?
Get prospects engaged in a productive conversation the first time you pick up the phone or meet them by finding out what the customer’s problem is, and if your product or service can solve it!